Capturing the fairytale moments of wedding events in beautiful photographs is one that is widely revered and cherished. Unfortunately, sometimes things go terribly wrong and you get stuck with hilarious or downright embarrassing pictures that start off an uncontrollable bout of laughter or make you cringe together with your partner. We have compiled some of the most outrageous and awkward embarrassing wedding pictures that will make you laugh. I bet You won’t be able to help but laugh when you look at these pictures.

Look Me In The Eye And Tell What You See On My Chest


Unfortunately, her groom didn’t seem to appreciate his new wife’s ‘inner beauty’ and despite the happy face, he sure sees danger lurking in his bedroom.

Curious Kid


This kid is pretty curious about what the bride is hiding under that long flowing gown of hers and while the photographer was quick to capture the moment, the bride seems pretty oblivious that the young man was looking for some hidden”treasure” under her hood. Someone should maybe tell him that the territory is reserved solely for the groom.

Crazy Storm


Some brides know exactly where they want to stay for poses to achieve an awesome natural scenery. Others will embark on a month-long process to find the perfect place. Either way, choosing to take photos on top of a windy bridge wasn’t the best idea for these two. But not for the best man who seems to be enjoying the view.

Matching Teeth And Eyes


This bride’s dress is perfectly white just that she would have procured a bright white, perfectly aligned smile to match the dress. Perhaps, she couldn’t afford that back in 2007. Well, not too bad since the color of her teeth and eyes go as hand-in-hand as tea and crumpets.



We are not sure if this is a wedding or an impromptu wrestling match, whatever the case may be, the man honestly seems to have the upper hand. This kind of unexpected wrestling bout occurs when you gather angry bridesmaids who are jealous it’s not their wedding or when you have your wedding in an open bar. We can just imagine the rest of the wedding party chanting the name of their preferred champion.

Right On Time


This Bridesmaid has had a little too much of booze already and the reception has not even started. She is torturing the groom, while interfering in his wedding shoot. Word, no one should overindulge — at least not before the ceremony.

Crazy Chief Bridesmaid


Sometimes we get to a certain age when friends drift away from us due to countless reasons like finding a life partner. Then, we feel nothing but sad especially when we haven’t found ours. This is one of those awkward moments a bridesmaid remembers how loneliness tastes.

Removing The Garter


Removing the garter is a classy, good old tradition, often executed seamlessly as the groom slides the garter down his bride’s legs. But why is the man in the picture using his teeth? Is that meant to be sexy? And why is the bride’s silly smile at such a contrast with the straight-faced bridesmaid wearing the turquoise t-shirt in the background? Where’s the class in the world?

Horses Wed Too


The blend of this love-struck pair gazing into each other’s eye and wild rush of galloping horses, you won’t be wrong to think these two have a special connection with horses.

Frowning Elephant


The bride seems to be planning a murder with that crushing hug and the cap-wearing elephant in the background posing much like the bride appears to be highly in support. In fact, the elephant looks like he will complete the deed if the bride fails. Wonder where the lovebirds found such a unique place.

Get On The Roof


We cannot make a better case for NOT taking a bathroom picture than this wedding party. Meanwhile, why is the ceiling of the bathroom so low? And why are they stuck in the bathtub?

Groom’s Men’s Stunt


Well, what is the point of customizing your briefs if you cannot show them off in the wedding picture? Strange that the bride and the bridesmaids are all laughing even though the one on the left looks unconcerned while the one on the right is apparently taking a peek to inspect the wares in front of her beforehand in case they decide to mingle.

Shoot At Sight


Not sure what gave birth to this idea, but don’t mess with this bride. Whether it happens intentionally or innocently, as long as you’re caught with her man, this unfriendly bride, along with her team are going to make things messier for you.

It Doesn’t Always Work Like That


People normally plan to make the majority of their wedding day filled with joy and all, but this couple saw the need to make theirs look evil. As if switching color of the day wasn’t enough, the woman went all bald at her edges like a witch ready to hunt out the daylight in her guests.

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