Tiffany Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maple. Marla Maple was Donald Trump’s mistress who eventually became his second wife after Ivana. Besides knowing who her parents are, there are very few things most people actually know about this Trump’s estranged daughter. She’s recently come into the spotlight since Donald Trump has been running for president, and she has got a few things to say and a few things you should learn about her.

1. She’s a Fresh Graduate

Tiffany just graduated from Ivy League School University of Pennsylvania in. It is a school that is in her family tradition of going to. She majored in Sociology and Urban Studies. Her graduating from this college was a proud moment for her, her parents, and her siblings.

Her recent graduation has her at the forefront of the spotlight. She has spoken at her father’s campaign, she has opened up about her father running for president, and has even began to help her father’s campaign take off further.

2. She Supports Her Father in the Current Presidential Race

She is a proud supporter of her father in his presidential campaign. She posts pictures on Instagram showing her support, and will speak out about her father running for president. She was interviewed by Barbara Walters with her siblings, where she discussed how she felt about her father running for president, and she responded with enthusiasm that “he will make America great again”.

She says her father is a big part of her life, supporting her dreams and her achievements in life, though she has not always had a smooth relationship with him. Tiffany was expected to make good marks and succeed through everything. While he was hard and tough on her, she feels as though her father has helped her to become the woman she is today and she owes it to him to do all she can to support him in his dream of becoming the next President of the United States.

3. She Was Raised By Her Mom

She was raised by her mother, Marla Maples, in Los Angeles, California after she and Donald Trump divorced. She suggested that her and her mom are best friends, and they can often be seen in Instagram photos together. They attend Coachella, Sundance, and much more together, and always take photos to mark the occasion.


Although her mother raised her as a single mother, Tiffany never speaks badly about how she was raised or how her mother raised her. She respects her mother and appreciates all that she has done for her and given her throughout her life. She knows her mom has worked hard and gave up a lot for her.

4. Tiffany and Ivanka Are Very Close

Tiffany and Ivanka are close like sisters usually are despite being raised thousands of miles apart, Ivanka loves her sister and talked to her all the time while she was away. They shared holidays and vacations together.

Now that Tiffany has graduated and moved to New York, she has been hanging around with Ivanka, her husband Jared, and her three children. This has availed them the opportunity to become even closer.

5. She’s Dating A Democrat

Her boyfriend from college is a democrat and is a supporter for Hillary Clinton. She met her boyfriend in college at Penn State and her parents seem to like him, other than the fact he is voting for Hillary, but they appreciate the fact that he is a proper gentleman who is taking care of their daughter.