Rihanna is pretty much one of the biggest celebrities on the planet right now.

The unapologetic good girl gone bad has been in the music industry for over a decade. And in that time, she has accomplished what very few have been able to do – she has managed to remain relevant.

Being the celebrity that she is, it’s not completely surprising that so much of her life is out there on display for the world to see.

However, what is completely surprising and equally impressive is just how much we don’t know about her.

Besides the fact that Jay Z practically signed Rihanna the day they met, her devotion to a certain plant, or the fact that she slays in pretty much everything she wears…here are other things about Rihanna that continue to impress us.

  1. Katy Perry is One of her Closest Friends


I don’t know why this surprised me but it is really true. So true in fact, that Rihanna was chosen to be the Maid of Honor at Katy’s wedding to Russell Brand.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, Rihanna could not make it to India on the 23rd of October 2010 to serve as maid of honor.

She was sad but she had to stay back to record her Loud album.

The album which features singles like Love the Way You Lie, Man Down, Only Girl (In The World), S&M and What’s My Name eventually ended up as one of Rihanna’s most successful albums.

Loud received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and opened to critical and commercial acclaim.

So maybe missing her bestie’s wedding wasn’t the worst thing in the world afterall.

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2. Jay Z is Responsible for Rihanna having a Refined Taste in Cuisine


Surprising, right?

I don’t think I’m the only person surprised that Mr. Carter has a refined taste when it comes to food. But come to think of it, why should it be so surprising…I mean he has quite the taste when it comes to everything else (see: his wife, his artistes, his business ventures, his songs).

The man is a multi-millionaire afterall and with great money comes great taste (I’m sure that’s how the saying goes).

But still, Rihanna credits Jay Z for being the reason she eats more than just junk food.

On the issue, Rihanna says,

“We have this thing called Taste Test Tuesdays, or New Flavor Fridays or Substitute Saturdays.”

3. Rihanna Sneaks into the Audience before some of her Shows

Rihanna Performs at X Factor

Keep this in mind when next you’re at a Rihanna show, the person next to you might be the queen of pop herself.

That’s right.

She usually disguises herself in a big hoodie and mingles with her fans.

Do some fans recognize her when she does this?

Yes, they do but Rihanna also says she is too close for them to freak out. But if any fan tries to touch her, they’ll probably be tackled by her security who are always nearby just in case.

So, you gotta be careful.

We also heard she takes shots before her shows to calm her nerves.

4. Rihanna won’t stay at the Chateau Marmont


This is more intriguing than impressive but like most of us, Rihanna is incredibly superstitious. She also believes the infamous Chateau Marmont is haunted.

She has stated the rumors of employees and guests claiming to have witnessed supernatural sightings as one of her reasons.

We can’t say we blame her though, so many crazy things have gone down at Chateau Marmont that makes us raise our eyebrows too.

For starters, Jim Belushi passed away of a drug overdose in one of the hotel’s bungalows on the 5th of March, 1982.

F. Scott Fitzgerald had a heart attack in front of the hotel.

Helmut Newton crashed his car into the hotel and died.

Rihanna is probably this superstitious because she witnessed an exorcism in Barbados when she was younger.

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Last but not least and perhaps the most impressive of all:

5. There is a National Holiday Named after Rihanna in Barbados


Yes – Rihanna Day.

The national holiday (Rihanna Day) goes down on the 22nd of February every year.

It was first launched in Barbados by Prime Minister David Thompson back in 2008 as a way to celebrate the Barbadian National for all her achievements and accolades.

That’s pretty cool, right?