Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend And The Old Ones
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has allegedly found himself a new girlfriend, and the media has gone almost like on fire. This is even when the relationship has not been confirmed by either of the two involved.

While because of who Harry is, any lady he dates will be interesting to the media by default, it is entirely different this time around.

This is because his alleged new girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has a story of her own, just as Prince Harry. Here is a quick look at the story of Prince Harry’s new girlfriend and the most popular old ones.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend And The Old Ones
Meghan Markle

Markle is an American actress who was born in 1981, three years before Prince Harry was born. Raised by a clinical therapist mom and a father who had dealings with the TV, she grew to be an actress and a humanitarian activist.

More than most things, whistleblowers are keeping their mouths busy blowing that she is black. While her father is white, her mother is a black woman.

In 2011 the actress got married to a businessman and producer, Trevor Engelson, after dating for six years. The marriage, however, lasted for only 2 years before it crashed in 2013. While it is unclear why the marriage ended, she was rumored to have dated various celebrities including Rory McIlroy afterward.

She has acted in different movies and TV dramas such as Suits, Horrible Bosses, Remember Me, and Anti-Social. She has as well appeared on some x-rated sites.

The two, as reported, met in May 2016, at a Charity event, and got close afterward.

Chelsy Yvonne Davy

Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend And The Old Ones
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

The most popular of Prince Harry’s relationships was with his longtime girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. Chelsy is a Zimbabwean whose father was one of the largest landowners in the country. She was born in 1985 in Zimbabwe but had her education in South Africa and England.

The blonde and Harry had a passionate relationship that many thought would lead to something big. Although it was a somewhat turbulent relationship, it was at some point a long distant one, and it lasted for more than five years.

Even after the relationship ended, Davy was not completely deleted from the royal family, as she was invited to Prince Willam and Kate’s wedding.

During this relationship which lasted from 2004 to 2010, Prince Harry was spotted kissing Catherine Ommaney in 2006 who was 13 years older than him. He was as well rumored to have had a brief relationship with Astrid Harbord who was spotted returning with him to his home after a night out.

Soon after the relationship with Chelsy ended in 2010, Harry was rumored to have had a brief with Camilla Romestrand. There was, however, very little to substantiate this rumor. Gemma Wilkinson  was also rumored to have gone out briefly with the prince after the two were spotted at a party. This also wasn’t a serious relationship, if indeed there was any.

 Florence Brudenell 

Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend And The Old Ones
Florence Brudenell

Prince Harry dated Model Florence Brundell-Bruce in 2011. The relationship didn’t last long as it came to an end even before the year ran out. Flee, as she is called by her friends, got married in 2013 to Henry St George.

It was wildly rumored that the end of Harry’s relationship with Flee was the Prince’s unreadiness to settle down, which was what she wanted, as well as her jealousy, as she never wanted to see him flirting with other girls.

Cressida Bonas

Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry
Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry

Harry’s next girlfriend was Cressida Bonas, whom he met through Princess Eugenie, and began dating in 2012. The actress, model, and dancer had a relationship that seemed as though it may make up for Harry’s relationship with Chelsy. The two were always seen together and people were getting used to them as an item.

However, the relationship like those before it failed. It ended “amicably” in April 2012, just two months after she had gone with him for an official royal engagement.

The relationship seemed as though it would restart from where it stopped, however, it later went silent and never came back up.

In 2014, he ignited a rumor that claimed he was dating former Miss Edinburgh, Camilla Thurlow after he invited her to accompany him on a luxury yacht in St Tropez.

Most recently in 2016, the Prince was linked to pop star Ellie Goulding.


While Harry’s earlier relationship with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas were seen as his most serious, it is left to see if his present rumored relationship with Meghan would lead to anything serious.