Saygin Yalcin

Kendall’s 21st birthday was nothing short of a true celebrity lifestyle. The model had the big names in attendance and she even got a $250,000 Rolls-Royce as a gift from a family friend.

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At first, there was some confusions as to who gave her the gift; everyone thought it was a present from her mom (Kris Jenner), but it was soon revealed that the Rolls-Royce was from millionaire “Saygin Yalcin”.

Who Is Saygin Yalcin?

Saygin Yalcin

Saygin Yalcin is the Founder & CEO of the Middle East’s (ME) first & largest car buying service, “”. He is also the founder of the first & largest online private shopping club in the ME, “”, Partner at Jabbar Internet & Group (the largest e-commerce company in the Arab world, with 2500+ employees).

Saygin is also an Advisory Board Member & Academic Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the Canadian University of Dubai and has been selected as a UBS Industry Leader. Saygin Yalcin is a fine example of a new generation entrepreneur who can make a fortune out of nothing more than a rewarding idea.

Saygin Yalcin At The Party

As seen from Saygin Yalcin’s Facebook page, he had a blast at the party and also got to mingle with a few other celebrities present.

Saygin Yalcin & Kendall Jenner

Well, before you jump to conclusions, Saygin sees himself more like a big brother to the young Kendal. The video below shows Saygin hosting Kendal and giving her a little tour around.

More From The Party

Here is a compilation Snapchat video of some moments from the party, you can also see the $250,000 Rolls-Royce with a bow on it and various celebrities who were present.

The Kardashian-Jenner Family


With their reality TV show “keeping Up With The Kardashians”; the Kardashian sisters have been known to be the queen of entertainment and their younger sisters (The Jenner’s) are not far behind in their footsteps.

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The Kardashian family net worth is unsurprisingly huge. With TV shows, clothing lines, perfumes, tanning products, apps, novels, video games, socks… the Kardashian-Jenner family are estimated to have a net worth of $300 million and rising.

It’s not a surprise that these ladies have various expensive gifts splashed at them from various individuals, even those they barely know.

What do you think of Saygin Yalcin’s gift to Kendall? Do you think this was just a generous gesture or does he wanted to tap into the fame and publicity behind this family’s name?

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