Floyd Mayweather is an iconic name in boxing industry. He was born On February 27, 1994 in United States of America into a family of boxers. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr, and uncles Roger Mayweather and Jeff Mayweather were active boxers who took part and won different boxing tittles. Being raised in a family of boxers, gave him early exposure to boxing since he used to accompany his father to the gym. Difficulty in raising high school fees made him drop out of school and concentrate wholly on boxing as a source of living. He won his first championship in 1993 during national Golden Gloves competition. This early prowess got him the nickname “Pretty Boy’ by his peers due to his defensive tactics. He has since then risen to become world’s undefeated boxer and has an interesting lifestyle. The following are Floyd Mayweather 5 facts you need to know.

1. He is the best boxer from his family lineage

Born in a family of boxers and introduced to the ring at tender age of only seven years. Floyd Mayweather has risen above records set by his father and uncles who were professional boxers. His uncle is a former two time world champion and was his early coach. In 1996, Mayweather set a record of 84-6 in amateur boxing and has been actively involved in professional boxing since then. He has set a world record of 47 undefeated matches and has won 11 world championship belts.

2. Floyd Mayweather had a difficult childhood

While growing up, Floyd faced difficult time which forced him to drop out of high school and concentrate on boxing. His aunt died of AIDs and his mother had a hard time fighting with drug addiction which made her separate with Mayweather Sr. This forced Mayweather to drop out of high school and concentrate in boxing as the main source of livelihood. Difficulty in his upbringing has always been a hot topic with Floyd claiming that his father did not dedicate enough efforts towards his upbringing.

3. Mayweather has risen from rags to riches

He has occasionally been seen flaunting his money, expensive cars, detailed security and luxurious attires on social media. According to Forbes, Mayweather was the highest paid athlete in 2015, earning $300 million for the past one year. This makes him the highest earning celebrity compared to artists in other fields. His wealth is greatly attributed to exceptional success in boxing career and being a Showtime brand ambassador among many other marketing and promotional deals. Fortune and Sports Illustrated estimates that Mayweather net worth is $280 million and he has made a total revenue of $430 million throughout his career. He is also nicknamed ‘Money’ due to his accumulated wealth. Mayweather told CNN that he is going to save the millions earned from the successful boxing career for his children.

4. He has faced different counts of domestic violence during his boxing career

He has on several occasions been charged with different counts of domestic violence throughout his career. On 2012, he was charged and sentenced to spend two months in correctional facility for attacking his former girlfriend in front of their children. In 2002 he was suspended for six months after he was found guilty of two counts of domestic violence and misdemeanour battery. He was put on a recommended impulse control counselling after he was charged with battering two different women. He was handed a 90 day jail sentence in December 2011 after attacking Harry Potter actress on September 2011. These are just some of the major sentences that he has faced, a clear indication that the athlete has been possibly having difficult time trying to contain his anger.

5. Mayweather manages his career and that of other boxers

He made a bold move to personally manage his career in 2006 after paying former promoter Top Rank $750000 to end the contract. This was probably one of the best decisions he has ever made in his boxing career, since he has successfully earned a lot of money from the show and gained reasonable experience managing his boxing career. This motivated him to establish Mayweather Promotions which manages different boxers. Apart from boxing, Mayweather has made appearance in different public events and competitions. He took part in Dancing with Stars competition which was held in 2007 and later made a special guest appearance in WWE Wrestle mania in the same year.