Disney girls gone bad

Many of us kind of wished our favourite Disney stars will never grow up, especially the ones we had crush on. However, that’s not to be as most of them have grown into stars that we can hardly relate to our former Disney crushes. Here Are Disney Good Girls Gone Bad:

Hilary Duff


Once a Disney princess as the star of Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff was seen as a goofball with an image that could be imitated in the past. She was suitably named Teen Queen for being one of the biggest teen stars of our generation. Needless to say that the stunner beamed a good message to children and teenagers with her innocent and decent looks. Her role in the famous Disney channel series, Lizzie McGuire for that reason went down the history book. For being a hit, the series inspired a creation of a movie based on it.

Moving forward to the present, the curvy blonde has sloughed off her first-rate lucrative good-girl image. She is all grown up and so is her image. Her hidden sexiness is now more visible. She is now divorced, has a cute son and is dating her fitness trainer Jason Walsh.

Maybe broadening her horizon into music wasn’t such a good venture for her personality since that was when her hidden wildness manifested.

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