Celebrity Family Feud takes a riff on the version for ordinary people, and passes it on to celebrities. Instead of just winning money, however, in this case the money is donated to the family’s chosen charity. Everyone wins, charities get money, the celebrities get additional exposure, and those of us at home get to be entertained.

These are five of the key people who have been on the show, and make all of this greatness possible as well as providing us with some of the best game show moments ever.

1. Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey is famous for his antics and distraught expressions at some of the stupid answers he receives on the regular version of Family Feud. Fortunately for the rest of us, he also worked with Celebrity Family Feud in 2015, and boy he did deliver.

With his signature style, Steve Harvey made the show absolutely gold for the duration of his run as the host and he remains one of the favorite television hosts of any show to this day. He is one of the most entertaining talents on TV today, and he shines out as the star of Celebrity Family Feud even as he’s standing alongside some of the most famous people in the world. There is no doubt he is one of the most entertaining talents on TV today and without Steve Harvey’s appearance, it is arguable that the show would have remained in the dust after it’s hiatus in 2008.

2. Al Roker

Al Roker
Al Roker

He may not be Steve Harvey, but Al Roker had his own style and he hosted the first season of the show in 2008. The show made for some absolutely golden moments during its run, and in the end, it all looked like it was a worthy experiment considering it led to the current incarnation of the show.

He may not still be the host but he paved the way and that makes him highly instrumental to the success of Celebrity Family Feud. Replacing him with Steve Harvey was a good move, but there are undoubtedly still those wishing that Roker was still very much around.

3. Snoop Dogg


Snoop got himself in on the action during the third episode of the third season, and performed in customary style. The man is always entertaining, and in this instance he absolutely delighted audiences by losing a round… with a question about cannabis.

When asked how “grandma would respond if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana” he responded with an enigmatic “lay hands on him.” The opposing team won the round with “yell/scold him.”

How the world’s foremost weed connoisseur could have lost that round is beyond most of us, but we’re going to guess that the cannabis itself was probably responsible. Being the world’s biggest stoner doesn’t give you any real predictive quality of how people are going to respond to weed in the real world apparently.

Let us be honest though, his whole appearance was entertaining. Snoop Dogg is a great rapper, and a fantastic entertainer who makes for good TV no matter where he’s at.

4. Rob Gronkowski

rob gronkowski celebrity family feud

While you wouldn’t expect a professional football player to be charming and goofy on stage, Rob Gronkowski delivered. He danced, gave fantastic answers and was generally one of the most entertaining guests on the show till date.

Regardless of your view on the Patriots scandal, you can not help but love Ron as he dances with a lucky audience member and gets jiggly with it in a way that you’d never expect from a man of his size and profession.

The entire appearance was fantastic, but the dancing was certainly the highlight. Even the most jaded fan of YouTube videos will crack a smile upon viewing it, that’s certain.

5. Burton Richardson

Burton Richardson

During Al Roker’s run on the show, the announcer was one of everyone’s favorite parts. His energy and charisma came through just fine, and made the show just a little bit better.

That announcer was Burton Richardson. He may not have given us the funniest moments on the show, have had exaggerated reactions to stupid responses or anything of the sort, but instead he managed to make the show better with simply his voice.