The 2nd US presidential televised debate was recently held on the 9th of October 2016. Both participants went on overdrive’ to taint the reputation of their adversary. Many wild allegations were aired, but those of Donald Trump could be said to be quite astonishing. Mr. Trump even went as far as invoking Mrs. Clinton’s husband, Bill. He claimed that no one in the history of America was as abusive to women as the ex-president. While these accusations may be considered as rather pointless, they still ring true in that they are loosely based on hard facts. We should all look at these accusations very closely because they could have some truth. Here are some of the 5 things Donald Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of that shouldn’t be overlooked in this fierce presidential campaign.

1. Hillary Clinton viciously attacked women who accused her husband of sexual molestation


One of the highlights of Mr. Trump’s speech allegations in the 2nd presidential debate was Mrs. Clinton’s aggressive stance on the women who claimed her husband had sexually molested them. While there are no conclusive evidence on these accusations, they still have some semblance of truth. For example, take the case of Juanita Broaddback. During Mr. Clinton’s impeachment trial, Ms. Broaddback claimed he raped her in a hotel room way back in 1978. She went on to assert that his wife was well aware of this incidence and even tried to intervene. Hillary Clinton, she says, accosted her at a Democrat fundraiser and told her in a threatening manner that she and her husband appreciated’ the things she (Ms. Broaddback) did to him. This led this unfortunate lady to realize that Mrs. Clinton was in fact covering up for her husband and wanted her to do the same.

2. Hillary Clinton spearheaded a special’ defense team to handle allegations against her husband’s history with the selective service system


Mr. Trump’s campaign team has asserted that Hillary Clinton was proactively involved in covering up for her husband on his first presidential campaign. The selective service system was a group of women who claimed to have been sexually involved with him. It has been said that one of the Clinton’s aide was even dispatched to Little Rock, Arkansas to unearth facts on Geniffer Flowers. Ms. Flowers has claimed to have being involved in a long-term extramarital affair with Bill Clinton. While his wife’s involvement in this cover-up attempt hasn’t been fully determined, she was quoted in several interviews deriding Ms. Flowers. In one of these interviews, Mrs. Clinton claimed if she got the opportunity to cross-examine Ms. Flowers she could crucify’ her.

3. Hillary Clinton laughed’ at Kathy Shelton


Another allegation Mr. Trump made at the 2nd presidential debate is that Hillary Clinton laughed’ at Kathy Shelton, a 12 year old victim of rape. While there is no evidence that proves this claim, Mrs. Clinton did indeed take up the case of the accused man. At this time, she was involved with a University Of Arkansas legal aid clinic and was 29 years old. However, it is important to note that she hesitantly took up this man’s defense, who had requested that a woman represent him. At any rate, this man eventually pleaded guilty to criminal fondling of a minor. He was handed a one year jail sentence and four years of probation.

4. Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes on middle class Americans


In an earlier campaign footage that was released by Donald Trump’s campaign team, he claimed that Hillary Clinton wants to inflate the taxes already imposed on middle class American citizen. Well, in an IOWA democrats candidate convention which was held in January, Mrs. Clinton said she wouldn’t veto any tax increase imposed on the Middle class if she were to become a president.

5. Hillary Clinton is a self serving’ Washington insider


Finally, in a statement posted on Donald Trump’s website, he accused Hillary Clinton of being a selfish’ Washington insider. He went on to assert that she has constantly hoodwinked Americans for the last 30 years. Well, WikiLeaks recently released leaked excerpts of Mrs. Clinton’s closed doors, paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other financial entities. In one of these speeches, she is quoted as stating that she is far removed’ from the hardships of the American middle class citizens. Hillary Clinton went on to reason that the life she leads and the finances she and her husband enjoy’ just would not permit her to feel otherwise.